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Personalized flower t-shirt, daisy, lotus, floral motifs to print online.

Flower t-shirt

Custom flower t-shirt to print online. Personalize a daisy, iris or lotus flower, choose your colors and print an original t-shirt. For stylized flowers and one-color floral designs, you can choose gold or silver metallic printing, or glitter effect printing available from the Spreadshirt designer's special printing menu. PERSONALIZATION GUIDE: Step 1. Choose your t-shirt model and its color, before making any changes to the design. The product gallery is visible in the customization window, in the middle of the page. Spreadshirt offers many models of t-shirts, for men, women or children, as well as various accessories, bags, tote bags, mugs etc. Step 2. Once the t-shirt and background color have been chosen, you can proceed to customize the flower. Most of the flowers on display in the shop are drawn in vector format, which allows you to select each of the colors that make up the design. Choose the contrasts carefully according to the colour of the t-shirt, for an optimal result. Use the markers that appear when you drag the design to align it with the printing area.