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Geek t-shirt

Custom geek t-shirt to create online. Geek and nerd designs, geek and vintage gaming cultural references, konami code, anonymous, scifi etc. Find the geek joke that makes you laugh or a reference to your favorite series and create an original t-shirt, mug, bag, in the designer. PERSONALIZATION GUIDE:: The designer Spreadshirt offers many models to print, choose from a wide range of items for men, women and teenagers. The article gallery is available in the designer's upper left corner. Create your own computer t-shirt, your own personalized geek joke, print a NERD jersey in large letter type to display your geek pride or stamp a mug with an original geek stamp. Step 1. To simplify the process, it is easier to first select your t-shirt or item from the gallery. The Spreadshirt personalization tool can be displayed in the middle of the page. Step 2. Once the t-shirt is chosen and displayed, click on the design that is already on it, and set the different drawing options. Size, colour(s), orientation etc.