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Skull t-shirt

Custom skull t-shirt to create yourself online. Mexican or floral skulls, scary heads, stylized or realistic skulls, cow's heads... select the design that inspires you and adapt it in the designer. Single-color skulls are mostly designed to be printed on a black or dark background. PERSONALIZATION GUIDE: Step 1. Before changing the skull, select a t-shirt template in the customization window in the middle of the page. This will give you a better overview of the final look of the t-shirt. Choose a dark colour preferably for classic skulls that are intended to be printed in white on a black background. Step 2. Once the t-shirt is in place, go to the design by clicking on it. The customization tools are then displayed. Set the main color to white, and any additional ornamental colors according to your choice. This applies to skulls with a white background. The few heads drawn in black outlines should be printed on light-coloured or white t-shirts. Change the size and place the skull where you want it on the printing area - the center is indicated by a marker when you drag the design.